The Central Ohio Labrador Retriever Club (COLRC) was originally established by a group of friends in the Columbus, Ohio area for the benefit of those interested in the enhancement of the qualities of a Labrador Retriever, the sport, and advancement of cooperative communication within the Labrador Community and the dog fancy.

Over the nearly three decades of our existence, our active membership has dwindled, a common problem among clubs of all types, and this limits the amount of activities we can sponsor.  The club is governed by the officers and a board of directors and we hold  monthly membership meetings, normally on the first Wednesday of each month. Our meetings typically consist of meals at a restaurant or pot luck at a member’s home, a business meeting and discussion of our specialty plans, puppy match, health clinic or other events or concerns to the membership.  Visitors are welcome to our general meetings. Go to our Events Page to view upcoming meetings.

We regularly receive requests for information on what to expect when looking for or raising a Labrador puppy or dog, how to find a good breeder, how to crate train, etc. Our puppy packet is now available for download in PDF format by clicking on Puppy Packet.  We also have a PDF available on the Labrador Breed Standard by clicking Breed Standard.

A variety of activities continue throughout the year. Among them are club picnics, health clinics, puppy matches, annual Christmas parties, our annual specialty, and puppy/dog socialization opportunities.

The COLRC publishes a newsletter “Unleashed” which is full of the latest club news and general information pertaining to Labrador owners & breeders. You can email the editors at: . “Unleashed” is free to members, can be downloaded from the Newsletter Page or is available in print at a subscription rate to nonmembers.

Anyone interested in obtaining membership information may email Membership Chair Jennifer Stotts at or go to our Membership Page to submit an application.